Ukraine Crisis

TWR is appalled by the scenes of destruction and misery coming out of Ukraine. Our hearts are touched as we see images and hear stories of families leaving everything behind as they flee for their lives.
We are pleased to hear that the UK Government has set up schemes to allow refugees from Ukraine to come to the UK as a place of safety. As an organisation we are eager to offer friendship and support to all refugees who find themselves in the Taunton, Wellington, and Bridgwater area. This certainly extends to refugees from Ukraine.

The Homes for Ukraine scheme has been very popular nationally and so we are confident that there are hundreds of wonderful local people who have put themselves forward as sponsors in the scheme and are ready to welcome refugees into their homes.The government has published a guide for Ukrainians arriving in the UK and TWR is assessing what the most pressing issues facing new arrivals are  and how we can help alleviate them.

We anticipate that not only will refugees need support but also those who are hosting incoming families will also face some challenges. Our current plan is to arrange opportunities for local Ukrainian refugees to meet up and share their experiences of arriving in the UK. We have also provided an online preparation course for hosts.

TWR is pleased to be able to offer free English lessons for our Ukrainian guests. Two new courses are starting in September.

We are setting up a database of both Ukrainian refugees and those who are hosting them. We will use that to notify interested parties of upcoming events. Please contact us if you would like to add your details to the database. Also let us know what services you would like TWR to provide. Also, if you can volunteer your services as a Ukrainian translator or interpreter then TWR would love to hear from you. It would be helpful if you could use this dedicated email address,

Please note that TWR’s primary role is to coordinate welcoming volunteers. Sadly, we are not able to offer professional advice on issues such as visa applications, applying for Universal Credit or accessing health and education services. Also, as we are not involved in administering the scheme, we cannot assist in the process of pairing refugees with would-be sponsors. Pleasse see the attached Press Release from Reset who are offering a matching and training service.

If, as a host,  you are interested in improving your skills for helping your guests with their Engish, then there is an online course available.