Taunton Welcomes Refugees (TWR) appreciates that there are many organisations that share our vision of providing a place of security and opportunity for all people.
Here are links to some of these groups. Contact us to suggest other links that should be included here.

Refugee Aid From Taunton (RAFT)


Refugee Council

Somerset County Council

Travel Planning

Somerset County Council provides information about travel in the county via the Somerset ThinkTravel website. It includes information on public buses and community transport as well as SCC’s Slinky demand responsive transport (DRT) service.  There is also a dedicated noticeboard area to help facilitate car sharing where individuals or groups can post offers or requests for lifts.

SARI – Stand Against Racism and Inequality This is a Bristol based charity that supports victims of hate crime.

They provide downloadable leaflets describing what they do in many different languages.

Amnesty International

Walk With Amal

Charity Commission

You can view the TWR entry in the Charity Commission’s register.

Chamber Orchestra of the West