Current Affairs

TWR is primarily focused on providing local support to those refugees who find themselves living amongst us. But, we are conscious that the treatment of refugees more generally is a national issue.  The trustees often discuss these matters and, when appropriate, make representations to our MP.

This page contains links to a correspondence we have had about the Government’s Nationality and Borders Bill that is currently progressing through Parliament.

  • 22-Nov-21: Letter from TWR to Rebecca Pow MP re Tom Pursglove’s reply.
  • 19-Oct-21: Letter from Tom Pursglove MP, Minister for Justice and Tackling Illegal Migration to TWR
  • 11-Aug-21: Letter from TWR to Rebecca Pow MP about the bill.
  • 3-Apr-21: Letter from TWR to Rebecca Pow MP about the ‘New Plan for Immigration’ laid out in a statemet on 24-Mar-21. A copy was also sent directly to the Home Secretary. We did not receive a reply to either letter.